2nd Conference of the Intercontinental Crosscurrents Network, November 2016

The Dynamics of Power: Inclusion and Exclusion in Women’s Networks during the Long Nineteenth Century
Nov. 3 – 5, 2016, Braga (Portugal)
University of Minho/Institute of Arts and Humanities
Department of English and North-American Studies (DEINA) and the Centre for Humanistic Studies (CEHUM)

With a focus on transnational women’s networks and networking in the long nineteenth century, this conference seeks papers examining how various organizations negotiate, or fail to negotiate, the uneven territories of their emergence. Where, and under what circumstances, are they not allowed to emerge at all?  How do networks become aware of their own exclusivity? How do networks narrate themselves in view of lines of division and dissonance? What happens when emerging networks fall apart due to insuperable divisions? How do minorities negotiate their position within their own minority networks?

Call for Papers: The Dynamics of Power cfp